Collecting Cell Numbers: Virtual Loyalty Program with Kiosk

While the benefits of sending updates, promotional offers and coupons to your customers by text message are obvious, collecting cell numbers to build your list can remain a challenge. Many businesses encourage their customers to text in a keyword to a short code as their primary method of collecting cell numbers. However, in most cases a loyalty kiosks is an easier and quicker way to build your cell number list.

Customers can use loyalty kiosks to opt-in to a text marketing list so they can start receiving offers and coupons by text message.  Additionally, the loyalty kiosk is used as a virtual loyalty card program where customers “punch” their virtual loyalty card by entering in their cell number to earn points with every purchase.  The points can then be redeemed at a later date to earn a prize, such as a free dessert or beverage.

If a customer fails to return to the business within a certain time period, an automated text message can be sent to the customer with a special offer, enticing them to return to your business.

Our loyalty card program is unique to Customer Solutions Marketing and will enhance any text marketing strategy.

Loyalty Kiosk